Teach and learn math with games!

The platform, focused on recreational activities, is dedicated to students and teachers from Initial Level 5 to 6th grade of Primary.

Learning and entertainment with mathematics

The challenging gaming platform, which traps students with virtual tours in which they will have to solve mathematical problems to advance and develop skills.

What is matific?

Matific is a platform that offers a recreational tour of proposals, interactive games and educational materials designed and organized to complement and enrich learning and teaching mathematical concepts during the first and second cycle of the Basic School Program

How is this used?

It contains short activities, between 5 and 10 minutes, organized according to levels according to the skills developed by the student. It works from the plane of the concrete to the abstract, where conceptual understanding precedes the application of the procedure and error is considered a promoter of learning. Matific complements the teacher's task by monitoring the performance of students, who can access the platform without an internet connection, through the mobile application.

With Matific students exploit their potential

Motivate students

Students who use Matific love math

Change the learning process

Builds solid concepts, which improves academic performance.

See the files

Automate repetitive activities and allows teachers to focus their energy on teaching

Log into Matific

If you want to have access to Matific, you can contact us by email at or via WhatsApp at 0986 103 671.